In keeping with our vision, as an organization, we partnered with the Chapel of Victory Medical team, Sagamu, Ogun state, for a free medical outreach to the Sagamu correctional centre. 

We understand that these are people who due to various reasons are currently in this place and as such might not have access to an efficient and effective healthcare system as many others, the visit as such was an intervention to help improve the health status of inmates. 

On Friday, 9th of September 2022, all volunteers from both teams assembled and we were received heartily by the authorities in charge of this centre. Ground rules were laid to ensure our safety as much as possible, measures that were put in place include: 

  • Proper Searching of everyone before entering the premises
  • Dropping off phones, and sharp objects at a checkpoint 
  • A strict rule was to always involve the security officers in situations. 

The inmates were organized and priority was first given to those who had medical conditions. Here, we carried out basic tests such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight which were followed by a free consultation session, counselling and provision of drugs. 

We understand living in certain conditions might have an effect on mental health, and to avoid issues such as drug abuse, drugs were provided through the facility health personnel, whereby we had to label each participant’s drugs and this would be distributed and administered in appropriate doses to them. 

This visit was considered timely, as we were able to intervene in inmates with elevated blood pressure with systolic levels as high as 200 mmHg, through these checks a timely intervention was done along with a couple of diabetic patients.

While this was a first for us, we would recommend that the health status of these facilities be looked into, and other non-governmental organizations looking to visit these centres should also invest in skin infections creams as this was a consistent occurrence among inmates as well as antimalarials, antibiotics drugs amongst others.   

This visit serves as an avenue to improve health status among varying populations and we look forward to doing much more. 

To be a part of us, kindly volunteer For sponsorship and support: GRACED CIRCLE HEALTH INITIATIVE



All pictures attached were taken before entering the centre.