How to Maintain Your Mental Health

Good health is important to our everyday activities, a good number of everything we can do, we wouldn’t be able to if we are not in health.

And being in health encompasses all aspects both physical, mental and even spiritually, perhaps you are looking to improve your health or reading this post to make better and more informed decisions when it comes to your health, I encourage you to keep reading.

As humans, we need our bodies to do things but these things also impact our bodies, like you know we do not exist in a vacuum as humans, which means we relate with one another one way or the other, in these processes we form various habits to either manage a relationship or to just get by not knowing they can harm us, today we will be looking at 5 simple habits we have built and what we should do to change them,


Bad habits can be harmful to your health


Are you daily stressed out from work, or even from your relationship with certain people? You need to watch it, stress is generally bad for you, it affects your body and also affects your mental health, chronic stress over a long period can result in a long-term drain on the body due to consistent triggers of the nervous system in response to this state.

Stress can lead to emotional problems, depression and even panic attacks and can also present as anxiety or worry. If you are constantly experiencing headaches, high blood pressure, chest pain problems with sex and sleep it could be an indication that you are constantly under stress.

While stress might be a daily part of life, knowing its impact means we should learn how to respond, and manage it.


How can I manage stress?

Know your stressors

This involves personal evaluation in identifying those things stressing you out and also watching out for the pattern of actions.

Ask yourself certain questions such as ‘why am I frustrated by this task’ if it is a tas if it is a person ‘why do I feel stressed whenever I am with this person?’ ‘is it traffic, noise?’ underline thoughts could have an  impact on us such as people’s expectations from us, once you have identified your stressors, the next step to take is

  1. Evaluate them into classes: Here, create a scale into ‘Important and Beyond my control’, ‘Can be Managed’, ‘Can be eliminated, we cannot deny the presence of  issues beyond our cannot control and they can also be important to us, once you have identified them, look out for the ones you can manage, and those that need to be eliminated
  2. Take action: Now once you have identified, the next step is to take action, especially the ones you can manage, you go further by writing out strategies to manage them. Do you need to assign tasks so you don’t have to worry about them, start planning towards it, is it a relationship? Is there a need for me to communicate my feelings about how I feel with this person? Go ahead and do just that, or do I need to ask for help? Or simply turn down an offer, sometimes we may be easily carried away with the need to be nice to people and we end up taking more work and commitment that we can give at that particular point in time, it is okay to say No, than taking up an offer that would end up stressing you out.


 Not taking a break

When you don’t take a break to refuel your body, spirit and soul you are likely to fall sick real fast, this is because our bodies are not machines, we are very much human so before you continue on your working spree, not taking a break is not a good call.

Take out time out of your busy schedule, yes you have work and deadlines to meet, but you need to remember that no one will take care of you for you, just as you intentionally set a to-do list to keep up with work, also make sure you put a break in your list.


Do you need ideas on what to do, simple things you can do is see a movie, take yourself to a spa, self-care has been proven to be therapeutic, visit a friend, connect with nature, paint if you love to, but take out time to explore your potentials and something you have always wanted to do especially if you are currently engaged in an economic activity you probably do not love, as much as you need to earn money, you also need to live and live well at that.


You not only get to enjoy yourself when you take a break from your regular activity but you might just be unlocking the creative side of you and most importantly your body also gets to be renewed, try this and see how it will greatly improve your mood.

Remaining in a toxic environment

You probably love your work, or your friend, yes, you do, even though they are toxic,


How do you know toxic environments or people?

  1. Do they shut out your growth
  2. Make you feel bad about yourself?
  3. Make you feel insecure?
  4. Never focus on the good, your strength?


If your answer is yes to any of the listed questions above, there is a high chance you are in a toxic environment, one thing you should take home here is, you can love people from afar, imagine you plant a good seed a bad soil, though the seed in itself is good, and has potential to grow, however, because of the state of the ground it was planted in, the obvious will be no growth and no fruit, that is exactly what happens when you remain in and with toxic people, your potentials will not be harnessed, you will not grow and the obvious is there will be no fruit, toxic people only make more toxic people, they end up replicating themselves if you don’t want to be that person, for your health make the obvious choice and leave.


What should you do after leaving a toxic environment?

  1. Stop feeling guilty, it is not your fault, a lot of times we find ourselves in situations we never planned for, so it’s not okay to be guilty and keep sulking over it
  2. Start building your self-confidence:  listen to positive messages, what you are doing is decluttering all the negative words you have heard and has remained in your unconsciousness for such a long time, be intentional about what you listen to, read books that would help you, the result you desire might not happen all at once, there might be days those negative words may pop up in your mind, but keep speaking positive words to counter it.
  3. Keep healthy relationships: We are not meant to live alone, while others might not be so good there are still 101 good people out there, so be open to building new and healthy relationships, people who would challenge, and also help you, we all need those sets of people and you will find it, only be the person you desire to meet too.
  4. Discover, discover and keep discovering yourself, put yourself back out there don’t stop.


Not having enough Sleep

You have probably been told, to be rich you should not sleep for several hours, but hello, having a good sleep is important for your productivity, sleep will put you in a good mood to start your day, help you be more active and able to make better decisions, you don’t want to start dozing and looking all tired from the early hours of the days, so take your sleep seriously.

Like everything else, schedule your sleep, have a routine, try to go to bed consistently at a particular time, reduce the use of your mobile phone when it is time to sleep, preferably read a book.






Not drinking enough water

Drinking water is very important especially if you are in hot weather, you are sweating a lot, which means you are losing fluids. What drinking water will do for you is to prevent dehydration, lower your body temperature and help to replace the fluids you are losing, water is also vital to our organs.

As much as you can drink water. We are currently living in a time whereby we can maximize the use of technology. Several applications have been designed to help you remember to drink water to leverage on them, maximize and utilize it.

I believe you were able to learn a lot from this post, don’t forget to leave a comment, and share with your friends. Remember that you are responsible for your health, while we cannot control our external forces, what we do to manage and how we respond to it is solely up to you.

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